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What a start, the first article should talk about the company “vision”, the product or how it started, but how mathematics teaches us: you don’t start counting from 1 but from 0, and that’s why the title “Article 0” .


My name is Othman and I am the author of this website and together with Ouahiba (the chef) we decided to start this path, the knowledge of communication, information technology and business organization together with the experience of cooking and perfected recipes in 30 years of dinners and events, they create an interesting mix, which we decided to combine from the beginning. One of our fundamental pillars is transparency and trust and for this reason we have nothing to hide and we will tell the story of this Sidi Bu Thiene story (What does “Sidi bu” mean? For this there will be an article on purpose).


I write this article after having carried out the inauguration of our restaurant, inauguration that we will tell in the next article.


This Blog aims to tell the main events of Sidi Bu and at the same time to respond to all those culinary and ethnic curiosities of the Arab world.


Do you have any questions? We are present in all the main social networks and you can contact us by phone or e-mail, or by leaving a comment below.


See you in the next article!


Sidi Bu Thiene


Did you know that an article to be suitable for the googole algorithm, and therefore easier to find online, should have at least 300 characters? Well now you understand why I’m writing this postscript, as I said at the beginning, transparency and the willingness to tell you interesting details and curiosities are in the first place!

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